Buy & Sell Hopes, Wishes, Blessings, Thoughts & Prayers!

Buy & Sell Hopes, Wishes, Blessings, Thoughts & Prayers!

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Finally a Marketplace for Hopes, Wishes, Blessings, Thoughts & Prayers!

We hold the largest verified market for the sale of the worlds best, ethically sourced, organic, calorie-free, free-range Hopes, Wishes, Blessings, Thoughts & Prayers.

Crafted in villages, towns and cities all over the world, we have literally Trillions of Dollars worth of Wishes and Blessings, and even more Prayers. Sorted by grade, region, and clarity we have the worlds largest stock and clearing house !

Ever wonder what to send those poor people who have lost so much to natural disasters & war? 
At a loss at what to send to victims families & survivors of yet another mass shooting?

... and this is the Perfect Gift for your Family &Friends this Christmas Season!

Hail Jesus!

Sure, we all wish for every Heathen not of Our Faith to experience horrendous, torturous, never-ending Hell, but what about wishing for a little something for yourself ...

... a new Bugatti? Or a kilo of Peruvian Flake? Or the newest smart phone?

Or a luxury sailing boat? Or a room full of hookers? Or world peace?

Or a gold plated, diamond encrusted AR-15? Or an end to World suffering?

Or snorting that Flake off of a gold plated, under-age hooker, strapping an AR-15, on a Bugatti, while listening to Trump recite the Lords prayer, with an instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner, played by a military band in the distance, all in front of a silhouetted American flag blowing majestically behind them?



Some of our Happy customers!!

Ask our Happy Customers - There is no limit to what you can wish, think or pray for!

You deserve all that Heaven can shower you with, and every little thing you can possibly imagine, because You Are AN AMAZING AMERICAN SOLDIER OF CHRIST! 


And everything you wish for can and will be yours NOW, or in Heaven! BUY it All now! Buy it for your family & friends!

Finally you can know the exact value of your hopes, wishes, blessings, thoughts and prayers!

As a short time special, we will Triple the value of your purchase by adding double the value of your purchase, in Hope!

200% more Hope!  Free!

The Sell your Blessings, Thoughts & Prayers Now button is expected to be implemented next week*.

*It will always be "next week".

*We will send you literally nothing.