Demonic Possession Insurance

Demonic Possession Insurance

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Demonic Possession is no joke.

Fallen angels (also known as in popular culture as demons) attack you during the spiritual warfare of good versus evil that is constantly going on in the world. They aren’t just fictional characters in novels, horror movies, and video games, believers say.

Fallen angels are real spiritual beings who have dangerous motives to harm humans when they interact with us, even though they may seem benevolent in order to influence people!


For a modest price, upon proof of Possession, we will wage Spiritual Warfare  in your name, in His Name, by His Grace. Amen. 

Hail Jesus!

An additional $15 MILLION worth of Thoughts & Prayers for you, your family, and pets.

Previous targets of Spiritual Warfare 

So you know it's gooooooood


Spiritual Warriors In Action - please do not watch if you are squeamish about intense Spiritual Violence!!


*We will send you literally nothing.